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6 Favorite High Calorie Vegan Foods, Health Benefits, FAQs

6 Favorite High-Calorie Vegan Foods

There are many high calorie vegan foods that you can enjoy to help meet your nutritional needs. It is a great energy source for people who are engaged in strenuous exercise or manual labor and who want to gain weight. If you are a vegan, it can be challenging to find high calorie foods. Today in this article, we will tell you a list of 6 delicious high calorie vegan foods and health tips that will help you get enough protein while living according to your lifestyle goals.

1. Oatmeal:


Oatmeal is a high calorie vegan food perfect for a quick breakfast or snack. One cup of oatmeal contains around 550 calories and 13 grams of protein, and 57 grams of carbohydrates. Add some nuts, seeds, or dried fruit to your oatmeal to boost its nutritional value.

2. Peanut Butter:

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another excellent source of protein and calories for vegans. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain 190 calories, seven grams of protein, and 16 grams of fat. Peanut butter can be added to smoothies, oatmeal, or eaten straight out of the jar!

3. Seeds:

Seeds are another great way to add more protein and calories to your vegan diet. A one-ounce serving of seeds contains 155 calories, as five grams of protein and nine grams of fat. Seeds contain a lot of iron and zinc, so they are great for vegans.

Sunflower Seeds: A quarter cup (26 grams) of sunflower seeds contains 204 calories and six grams of protein. Sunflower seeds are also high in magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, copper, and zinc.

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, copper, and zinc, like sunflower seeds. They also contain high levels of antioxidants. A quarter cup (28 grams) of pumpkin seeds contains 158 calories and eight grams of protein.

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Sesame Seeds: A quarter cup (27 grams) of sesame seeds contains 204 calories and four grams of protein. Sesame seeds are high in calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and zinc.

Chia Seeds: Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants. One ounce contains 138 calories and four grams of protein.

Flaxseeds: Like chia seeds, flaxseeds are high in omega-three fatty acids as well as high in fiber. One ounce of flaxseeds contains 138 calories and four grams of protein.

4. Bananas:


Bananas are another calorie-rich food that every vegan should have stocked up at home at all times. One medium banana contains 105 calories, one gram of protein, and 0 g fat. They’re also high in potassium, so they work great after intense workouts! You can even freeze bananas overnight then blend them the next morning to make a delicious smoothie bowl!

5. Avocado:

Avocado High-Calorie Vegan Food

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, then there is one food that you must be eating more of. I am talking about avocado. Avocados are a nutrient-dense food that is high in both healthy fats and calories. It is also high in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and B vitamins. One avocado contains 322 calories, as well as 29 grams of fat and 17 grams of carbohydrates. Avocados can be added to salads, smoothies, or eaten on their own. In short, you should be eating this fruit more often to stay healthy and fit.

6. Black beans:

Black beans High-Calorie Vegan Food

Black beans are a great source of protein and fiber, making them the perfect food for vegetarians or vegans who need to boost their calorie intake. One cup of black beans contains around 245 calories and 15 grams of protein, and 13 grams of fiber. Additionally, black beans are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals like folate, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Try adding black beans to your next meal or snack for a filling and nutritious boost in calories!

These are just a few of our favorite high-calorie vegan foods, but we hope this gives you a good starting point! Adding high calorie vegan foods to your diet is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Health Benefits of high calorie vegan foods

There are many health benefits of consuming high calorie vegan foods. By eating nutrient-dense foods, you can get all of the calories you need without eating any animal products.

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Here are some of the top health benefits of consuming high calorie vegan foods:

• Increased weight loss or maintenance:  Following a healthy diet, which includes high-calorie vegan foods, can help you maintain a healthy weight, build muscle, and improve your overall health.

• Reduced risk of heart disease:  A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is associated with a lower risk of heart disease. All types of foods can be found in abundance in a vegan diet.

• Reduced risk of cancer: A diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of some types of cancer, including ovarian cancer.

• Lower blood pressure: Consuming high calorie vegan foods rich in fiber can help lower blood pressure. You will have more energy and feel more vibrant. And, Your skin will look healthier and younger.

Finally, high-calorie vegan foods can boost your immune system and protect you from illness. So if you are looking for a way to improve your health, consider adding more high-calorie vegan foods to your diet. You will be amazed at how great you feel!

High calorie vegan meal plan

What you’re looking for in a high calorie vegan meal plan? Well, this meal plan is packed with healthy and delicious foods that will help you meet your daily caloric needs.


Start your day off with a nutritious breakfast that includes two scrambled eggs and one piece of toast.


Enjoy a vegan wrap filled with avocado, cucumber, and tomato.


 Make yourself a hearty vegan soup with lentils, kale, and vegetable broth. Add some whole grain bread on the side for an extra dose of fiber.


Make sure to include plenty of snacks throughout the day to keep your energy levels up. Good options include nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and whole-grain crackers.

With this high calorie vegan meal plan, you’ll have all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and energized. Enjoy!


High calorie vegan foods are best for which people?

There are many vegan foods that are high in calories. These foods can help people trying to gain weight or muscle mass. Some of the best high calorie vegan foods include nuts, seeds, avocados, and oils. These foods provide plenty of healthy fats and protein, essential for building muscle and gaining weight. By consuming healthy high calorie vegan foods regularly, you can improve your health and maintain your weight.

Why do people need high calorie foods?

People need high calorie foods for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are trying to gain weight, or they have an active lifestyle and need more energy. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of great high calorie vegan foods to choose from.

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Are there any risks associated with eating high calorie foods?

There are no risks associated with eating high calorie foods as long as you are doing so healthy. It is vital to ensure that your diet is equitable and includes plenty of nutrient-rich foods. With so many delicious options available, it’s easy to find a high calorie food that fits your needs.

What are some excellent high calorie vegan foods to eat?

A: Some good high calorie vegan foods to eat include nuts, seeds, avocados, and oils. These foods are packed with nutrients and provide a variety of health benefits. If you’re looking for ways to add more calories to your diet, these are some great options!

I’m not a vegan. Can I still eat high calorie vegan foods?

Yes, you can still eat high calorie vegan foods even if you are not a vegan. These foods provide a variety of health benefits and are packed with nutrients. If you are looking for ways to add more calories to your diet, these foods are a great option!

I’m not sure how to incorporate high calorie vegan foods into my diet. Can you help me?

Yes, I can help you! Here are a few ideas for incorporating high calorie vegan foods into your diet:

  • Add nuts or seeds to your breakfast cereal or oatmeal.
  • Include avocado in your lunchtime salad.
  • Snack on some almonds or peanut butter crackers throughout the day.
  • Cook with olive oil instead of vegetable oil.
  • Enjoy a delicious vegan smoothie made with almond milk, banana, and hemp seeds.

There are many ways to include high calorie vegan foods into your diet. These are just a few suggestions to get you started!

What high-calorie vegan snacks can I eat when exercising?

High calorie vegan snacks like dried fruit (figs, dates) are high in carbs and sugars – they give you quick energy for exercise. Nuts and seeds (almonds, pumpkin seeds) are high in protein and healthy fats – they give you sustained energy for training. Bananas are high in natural sugars and electrolytes – they help replace the salts you lose when sweating.

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